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A new strength for a tourist capital, Chen Chih-hsien took office as the Director of Tourism, April 6

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連至 A new strength for a tourist capital, Chen Chih-hsien took office as the Director of Tourism, April 6 完整照片     In order to build a capital of high-quality tourism, after, the former director of the Department of Tourism Wang Yuan-chung acted on behalf of the mayor of Renai Township, the county magistrate Lin Ming-zhen invited Chen Chih-hsien, the secretary of the Domestic Travel Division of the Tourism Bureau of MOTC, to take over as the director of the Department of Tourism. Chen Chih-hsien officially took office under the witness of the county magistrate Lin Ming-zhen, the director of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Aare Administration Hung Wei-hsin, the mayor of Jiji Township Chen Chi-heng, and representatives of the central tourism industry on the 6th. County magistrate Lin said that Director Chen has lots of experiences, and he hopes that Director Chen’s ideals and his ambitions will make Nantou County an international tourist capital.

    County magistrate Lin pointed out that there are many important tourism constructions in the county that require talented people with strong capabilities and execution power. He is very pleased to invite Chen Chih-hsien as the Director of Tourism to add new strength for the development of tourism of the county. He hopes that major constructions such as the Jiujiu Peaks Development Project, Songboling Observation Tower, Hutou Mountain Scenic Area Construction, and the Old Council Development Project can all be successfully completed with Director Chen’s assistance.

    Chen Chih-hsien’s past contributions to Nantou include promoting the construction of the Sun Moon Lake biking route, which was chosen as one of the world’s 10 most beautiful cycling routes by CNN in 2011 and ranked second place of the world’s 11 most scenic bike routes by Architectural Digest. Chen also cooperated with the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of Ministry of Culture, introducing the Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival through the combination of culture and tourism, sparing no effort to promote the development of tourism. Chen’s extraordinary performance was recognized by County magistrate Lin, and was then invited to work in Central Taiwan.

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