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Tourist Buses and Tourists Gather at Sun Moon Lake to Promote the Tourism of Nantou June 15

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連至 Tourist Buses and Tourists Gather at Sun Moon Lake to Promote the Tourism of Nantou  June 15 完整照片     500 tourists along with more than a hundred tourist buses and 9-passenger vans gathered at Zhongxing Parking Lot of Sun Moon Lake on the afternoon of June 15. Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen, Legislator Hsu Shu-hua, Legislator Ma Wen-chun, Nantou County Tourist Bus Association, and other tourism practitioners danced the “Unlock” Dance with tourist to warm up the welcoming of tourists. The “LOHAS New Nantou Safe and Happy Epidemic Preventing Traveling” light ball was also lighted to welcome nationwide tourists with our warm hands. They welcomed everyone to travel in Nantou County, the healthiest and safest place in Taiwan.

    Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen pointed out given that the COVID-19 pandemic has been ebbing recently and the Central Epidemic Commander Center has announced “unlocking” on June 7, the society is now gradually resuming to its normal life and pace. Nantou County Government and tourism practitioners have carried out pre-emptive deployment during the epidemic by announcing measures such as “Epidemic Preventing Deep Forest Breath” and “Safe Hotel”. In response with the ebbing epidemic and in coordination with “Safe Traveling Subsidy” and Stimulus Vouchers, they have aggressively organized a series of beneficial tourism measures.

    Under the common effort of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Nantou County Tourist Bus Association, Sun Moon Lake Regional Tourism Alliance, Nantou County Ferry & Yacht Association, Nantou Bed and Breakfast Association and other organizations, Nantou County has welcomed the first pier of 500 tourists. Including the 12 tourist buses they took, a total of 50 tourist buses and 50 9-passenger vans gathered at the Zhongxing Parking Lot of Sun Moon Lake. Besides Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen welcoming them in person as the host, he also invited representatives from the tourism industry to gather here and sign a declaration to welcome nationwide citizens to support the tourist industry of Nantou.

連至 振興南投觀光 遊覽車、觀光客日月潭大會師2 完整照片 連至 振興南投觀光 遊覽車、觀光客日月潭大會師3 完整照片 連至 振興南投觀光 遊覽車、觀光客日月潭大會師4 完整照片 連至 振興南投觀光 遊覽車、觀光客日月潭大會師5 完整照片

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