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Theme Tea Pick Contest held in Dalun Mountain. Top tea pickers in Taiwan gathered to compete there
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-9-7

    Overlooking the tea woods in Dalun Mountain at Luku Township, we can see many tea pickers bending at their waists, picking tea. They walked among tea tree rolls, watching the leaves in front of them attentively. They pick the leaves promptly. They don’t compete for technique but race for time. Liu Li-chun coming from Lugu Township told us that she and her sister joined the tea picking contest together, hoping to win any of the first three prizes.

    To promote the standard of the best fresh tea leaves and continue the skills of tea picking, Agricultural and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, the Tea Research and Extension Station, and Nantou Government assist Lugu Township Farmers’ Association to held the “2018 Taiwan Dongding Oolong Tealeaf Picking Contest” on October 14 as Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township. Top tea pickers throughout Taiwan were invited to join the contest in teams to establish the standards of one-tip two-leaf and one-tip three-leaf. Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng, Deputy Minister Su Mao-hsiang of the Agricultural and Food Agency attended the contest and cheered the contestants up. They congratulated them to perform brilliantly in advance.

    Deputy County Magistrate Chen said that in this contest, 20 teams with 120 people were invited to compete tea picking in Dalun Mountain. The teams winning the first three prizes with be presented with prize money. The prize money for the first prize was NT$18,000; the second prize, two teams, NT$12,000 each; the third prize, 3 teams, NT$6,000 each. The prize presentation ceremony will be held at the closing ceremony of “2018 Nantou World Tea Expo.” Tea production area in Nantou occupies two thirds of that in Taiwan. On this occasion, the National Tea Picking Contest was chosen to be held in Nantou, which communicated special meanings. It is hoped that in the future Nantou can sponsor this contest again.

    Deputy Minister Su told us that contest contestants could observe and inherit tea picking skills. With good tea picking skills, it is possible to roast good tea. In recent years, the total of tea exports have increased gradually. In the last year, it broke the NT$2.6 billion record. It is hoped that in the future, tea picking skills and tea production techniques in Taiwan will make further improvements, expanding the quantity of tea exports.

    Lugu Township Farmers’ Association pointed out that in the contest, there were 20 teams, including 2 teams from New Taipei City; 1 from Yilan County; 1 from Taoyuan City; 2 from Chiayi County; and 14 from Nantou County. In addition, Taiwan-made tea has already established the image of quality product at home and abroad. To continue tea picking skills and develop the tea industry sustainably, this contest was specially held. It is hoped that it can promote the skills of tea picking in Taiwan to promote the quality of Taiwan’s tea industry.

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