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Theme Investment Intention Letter Proposed by ShowTime Cinemas in Nantou for “Building a Cinema City at NTD 1 Billion”
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-11-15

    Due to successful investment invitation led by County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen, ShowTime Cinemas submitted an investment intention letter on October 19th to the County Government by its General Manager, Mr. Willy Liao, describing the proposal to build a NTD 1 billion cinema city in Nantou County. With this investment, 1,000 job opportunities will be created. County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen welcomed the proposal and promised to give assistance.

    County Magistrate Lin said ShowTime Cinemas’ investment in Nantou is good news, and residents in Nantou will not need to go to the movies and shopping in Taichung. In order to attract private investment in Nantou, the County Government will serve investors with the highest administrative efficiency and shorten application time for relevant administrative affairs. There is also a joint evaluation center to provide investment services with a one-stop window and joint evaluation process to speed up evaluation for applications and encourage investors.

    General Manager Mr. Liao stated that ShowTime Cinemas owns seven cinema malls in seven cities around Taiwan; while Nanto is not a first-line city in Taiwan, due to active investment invitation of County Magistrate Lin and the provision of public land, his group is willing to select Nantou as an investment target. Over the past year, after contacting the County Government, ShowTime Cinemas has been touched by the sincerity and great efforts of the County Government team and chose to trust and invest in Nantou.

    Willy Liao also pointed out that the market of Taichung, Nantou, and Changhua is big, and he expected that ShowTime Cinemas’ investment will develop prosperity and enable the youth to return to their hometown to make contributions. ShowTime Cinemas’ investment in any location always focuses on the priority to hire local talents. In the future, when cinemas are built in Nantou, job opportunities and tax revenues will be created. The cinema mall will introduce local featured businesses and international well-known businesses. Furthermore, ShowTime Cinemas produces films, and in the future, Nantou will become its production material and be marketed in films.

    To encourage ShowTime Cinemas’ investment in Nantou, the County Government offers six pieces of public land including Caotun Craft Smart Park, Nantou City Lantian St. Dormitory, Directors’ Dormitory of the County Government, Old Parliament Building, and national land in downtown Puli, and county land of Guilin Section in Chushan.

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