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Theme Participation of 4,000 Runners from 25 Countries in Sun Moon Lake Marathon; Deputy County Magistrate Chen’s Hope for Standard Chartered Marathon
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-11-15

    The 6th Sun Moon Lake Marathon was started at Xiangshan Visitor Center of Sun Moon Lake on October 28th. Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-Sheng and Director of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Mr. Hung Wei-Hsin, fired to start the Marathon. There were 4,000 runners from 25 countries who took a part in the challenge of 42km full marathon and 29km half marathon courses. All runners did their best to compete in this exciting event.

    According to Deputy County Magistrate Chen, Sun Moon Lake Marathon has long been highly recognized by runners, and the course has been certified by IAAF, and thus, more and more international athletes join the event each year. It is indeed an international marathon, and in the future, the County Government will continuously make its efforts to make this event an internationally chartered one.

    Deputy County Magistrate Chen also said this year about 1,000 runners were returning ones who ran before, so the organizer considerately prepared gifts for these returning runners to show the appreciation for their support. Additionally, there were two challenge groups in Sun Moon Lake Marathon, 1,000 and 3,000 runners respectively participated in the 42.195km full marathon and 29km half marathon.

    As told by Director Hung, its administration organized the triathlon event at Xiaobaiyue (100 minor peaks), entitled, “Challenge Games at Sun Moon Lake.” As long as one of the first 800 participants completes any three events among “Swimming across Sun Moon Lake,” “Biking around Sun Moon Lake,” “By the Lake Running,” “Climbing to Xiaobaiyue” and are certified, they will receive special plate prizes and certificates. They will also have the chance to take the challenge to become winners of Sun Moon Lake Extreme Sports.

    In addition, the organizer of Sun Moon Lake Marathon also sponsored the concept “to donate one dollar for one kilometer of marathon run,” and at present, a donation of NTD1.3 million has accumulated. This year, NTD100,000 was donated to Elim Christian Care Association in Nantou County for after school care for the disadvantaged children and vocational training for the disabled. The Boat Rolling Commission of Nantou County Sports Committee received a donation of NTD50,000 to support the participation of local students in international contests. Donations were received by Deputy County Magistrate Chen on behalf of donation receivers in the ceremony

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