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Official Letter written to the Central Government Nantou County is advocating Vaccine Doses May 26th

Bureau:Nantou County Government


“The world is filled with important issues, but lives come first!” Nantou County Mayor Lin Ming-chen has been advocating for the procurement of vaccines to save lives, and the Nantou County Government has written into the Central Epidemic Command Center on May 26th to implore the Central Government in agreeing to allow counties and cities to procure the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 (BNT Pfizer vaccine) distributed by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical for public administration.

County Mayor Lin stated that the county government plans to purchase 300,000 doses of BNT Pfizer vaccine, and has already prepared a deposit of NTD$ 25 million. As long as the Central Government agrees to the county government’s procurement, funds will be raised even if additional budgetary funds are required.

The mayor also mentioned that the county government’s hopes to purchase the BNT Pfizer vaccine has received positive feedback from many county residents, and many enthusiastic individuals have called in and expressed their willingness to donate to the county government for the procurement of the vaccines. Some of these individuals were willing to donate NTD$ 1 million, and some even expressed their willingness to donate NTD$ 5 million to help the procurement efforts.

There were no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nantou County on May 26th, but County Mayor Lin said that local prevention had been breached despite being successful in preventing the epidemic last year. The Central Epidemic Command Center reporting the number of deaths during the daily press conferences is quite terrifying, and the increasing amount of confirmed cases in Nantou over the past few days have people concerned that the Dongfanghong Guest House will make Caotun the second coming of the Wanhua outbreak. County Mayor Lin said that difficult times require extreme measures, and past experiences in preventing the epidemic have shown that wearing masks isn’t enough. The best weapon against the epidemic is the vaccines, and the government needs to protect the people from fear.

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