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Signing contract with international tourism channels to market homestays in Nantou internationally

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  Collaborating with Institute of Information Industry and Nantou Homestay Tour Association, Nantou County Government singed the “International Online Hotel Booking at Nantou – Constructing a Sightseeing County” contract with Agoda, Booking, EZding, KiTravel, and Nantou Homestay Tour Association at the courtyard in the Administration Building on December 29 with Magistrate Lin Ming-cheng as the witness. Signing the contract, Nantou had become the first county in Taiwan to join the “Homestay Cloud Integrated Project,” which enabled Nantou to be seen around the world. It also fulfilled Magistrate Lin’s idea of constructing Nantou into a sightseeing county.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that with the homestay cloud integrated system, it facilitated the marketing of homestay business in Nantou by attracting more international visitors to travel and check in to homestays in the county. As a result, it could increase the income of the homestay owners and related businesses. At present, there were 102 homestays in Nantou joined the project. He also welcomed more owners to join the project, which would be operated in a long-term basis to promote sustaining growth of tourism in Nantou.

  After the establishment of the online booking websites, it made room booking more convenient and the homestay owners could control their rooms more effectively. Peng Cheng-yu, the Director of Nantou Homestay Tour Association expressed that after the launching of the project, there were about 20 marketing channels and more than one hundred homestays that had joined the program. It was hoped that it could market Nantou in the international tourism market with the room booking website. It was the dream of all the people in Nantou to transform the county into an international sightseeing resort.

  During the conference, Director Peng introduced the project to the attendants, and expressed his expectation that it could increase the check-in rate of the homestay in Nantou with the operation of the online booking platform. He also advocated more homestay owners to join the program and pleaded with the government to help more homestays become legal. With the witness of Magistrate Lin, the tourism channels operators signed the contract and announced the market of Nantou to the world.

  With the launching of the online room booking system, it enabled international visitors to obtain room information in Nantou and do the booking online easily. Tseng Chao-cheng, the Manager of Tingtao Villa Homestay, stated that the online booking system broke the barriers of the traditional room booking routine done with pen and paper, whose data could be lost easily. With this new online booking system, homestay owners could handle all the room bookings in different places with smartphones via the cloud. They did not have to worry about cross booking regardless of their whereabouts.

transaction date: 2015/1/21

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