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Magistrate Lin joined the New Year Countdown at Cingjing Farm and witnessed the wedding for new couples

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  The New Year countdown held in the highest altitude in Taiwan was held in the parking lot in front of 7-11 in Cingjing Farm on December 31. Led by Magistrate Lin Ming-cheng of Nantou County, the government administration team joined the countdown with the visitors. They also witnessed the wedding of many new couples, adding more enjoyment and excitement to the coming of the New Year. The parking lot was packed with visitors when the countdown began. It was the highlight of the night when the firecrackers were released. The flashes lit up the night sky of Cingjing.

  On the day of the New Year Gala, Magistrate Lin, Deputy Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng, Secretary-General Fang Hsin-hsiung, the chief executive officers, Wang Chao-chu, the owner of Cingjing Farm, and many honorable guests greeted the visitors on the stage. When they presented the visitors with red-envelopes, the crowd was cheering and exclaiming. Magistrate Lin wrote down his wishes on the balloon. He hoped good luck and good fortunes to all the folks in Nantou, and expected prosperity to tourism. After making his wishes, he released the balloon into the sky.

  Magistrate Lin welcomed all the visitors to join the New Year countdown at the place closest to the starlit sky to enjoy the beautiful view of the Milky Way. During the countdown, he wished happy New Year to all in the venue. Magistrate Lin also invited the participants to welcome the first dawn in 2015 in Cingjing, opening up a new chapter in their lives.

  During the event, the host invited people to go up to the stage and sing and dance. The visitors in front of the stage waved the light sticks in their hands, conducting the happy mood in the party. The sponsor had prepared many exciting shows in the New Year countdown party, including Seediq dances, electropop party, sing along activities led by Lin Na, an indigenous singer, and more. In addition, there were concert relay by renowned bands, such as KA and more. With red-hot shows, people welcomed the coming of the New Year in the sleepless night at Cingjing. The happy mood did not fade until dawn.

  At 11:40pm, the host announced the founding of a lost designer’s bag. It turned out to be the proposal arranged by Mr. Lin, whose romantic proposal touched the heart of his beloved Miss Hu, who burst into tears and promised to marry him immediately. At 11:45pm, Magistrate Lin went onto the stage, witnessed the wedding of this couple, and wished them to have children very soon. 6 minutes before midnight, Magistrate Lin and Mrs. Lin went onto the stage again and danced with the visitors. Many people waved the light sticks and balloons in their hands to countdown the coming of the New Year. When 2015 arrived, fireworks were released and all the participants were rejoiced. With the flashes of the fireworks, the New Year arrived with a gong.

transaction date: 2015/1/21

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