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Magistrate Lin Ming-chen visited the Spring Safety Patrol Squad at midnight and thanked them for their contributions

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  At midnight on February 16, Magistrate Lin Ming-chen visited the Spring Safety Squad that was composed of police, auxiliary police, civil defense units, volunteer traffic controllers, and neighborhood watch guards to thank them for their contributions and sacrifices during the cold nights. Nantou is a major sightseeing town. During the Chinese New Year, there would be heavy traffic and major crime problems. Magistrate Lin expected the squad to take care of their own safety when they were controlling the traffic and fighting crime.

  This year, the low crime rate, smooth traffic, and friendly services were the cores of the Spring Safety Drill. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen visited the Nancun Neighborhood Watch Team, Ailan Police Station, Ximen Neighborhood Watch Team, Puli Police Office, Cien Neighborhood Watch Team, and Liyutan Neighbor Watch Team, accompanied by Lu Chun-chang, Head of Nantou Police Department, to understand the conduction of the Spring Safety Drill and expressed his gratitude to the teammates. In addition, Pan Yi-chuan, Vice-Chair of the County Council, Legislator Wang Tsai-hsia, and local celebrities, such as Hsu A-kan and Wu Guo-chang, and more also participated in the visit.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that during the Spring Safety Drill, the squad was busier than usual. He would like to thank the police, auxiliary police, civil defense unit, volunteer traffic controllers, and neighborhood watch guards for their sacrifice and contributions so that people could enjoy the Chinese New Year. Of course, the county folks would like to thank them too. He also reminded the team members to dress warmly during the cold nights to avoid catching colds.

  In addition to presenting small gifts prepared by the County Government to the Spring Safety Squad members, Magistrate Lin also offered them the red envelopes prepared by himself. Receiving the gifts, red envelopes, and specifically the Magistrate’s early New Year blessings, all the squad members felt warm at heart.

  During the night on February 16, the County Government and County Council split up into a few groups to visit the Spring Safety Squads patrolling in different areas to express their care and concern. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and Pan Yi-chuan, Vice-Chair of Nantou County Council visited the Puli area. Ho Sheng-feng, the Chair of Nantou County Council visited Jushan and Lugu areas; Vice-Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng, Nantou City and Minjian Township; Secretary-General Fang Hsin-hsiung, Chichi, Shuili, and Yuci; Wu Yen-ling, the Head of the Department of Civil Administration, Caotun.

transaction date: 2015/3/30

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