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Magistrate Lin surveyed the county lands to increase county revenue by using them wisely

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  On February 25, Magistrate Lin Ming-chen surveyed a few pieces of land at Jushan, Chichi, Nantou, Caotun, and more, accompanied by the staff of the Department of Finance, Department of Land Administration, and other related offices. They hoped to use these lands flexibly to increase the income of the County Government by maximizing the benefits of current properties.

  In the morning, Magistrate Lin surveyed the land for the police quarters at the Puti Section behind Jushan Police Station. Occupying about 511 ping, there were still a few families living there. Meanwhile, most of the buildings were old and deserted. Magistrate Lin expressed that this piece of land was located at the city center. All of the buildings there were registered for residential purposes. It was a pity to leave them abandoned. He advised the Department of Finance to discuss, plan, and list this area as first priority for development. Of course, it was important to resettle the current dwellers.

  Then Magistrate Lin went to Chichi, Caotun, and Nantou. He surveyed Chichi Train Station, the agricultural land behind Caotun Water Plant, Caotun Second Cemetery, Zen Cultural Park, the public parking lot by Zhongshan Village at Caotun Town, and the land for dumping used equipment along Wenhua Road in Nantou City. He also invited related departments to find solutions to using these lands and spaces flexibly to increase the income of the county government and solve its financial difficulties.

  By Wen-hua Road, Nantou City, there was a piece of land with the area of about 1086 ping that was used for stacking the Department of Engineering’s safety equipment. This piece of land was flat and wide, suitable for building houses. Magistrate Lin demanded the Department of Engineering to move away their equipment and contract it out with a valid construction company to build houses, which were to be sold by private agents to earn more money for the County Government.

  Insisting on making breakthroughs and innovation, as soon as he stepped onto his office, Magistrate Lin completely surveyed all the idle lands in Nantou. Playing the role of a locomotive, he would like to lead all the departments in the county government to promote construction and activate all the idle lands in the county. He said that the biggest challenge of the county government was financial difficulties. In addition to cutting down expenditures, it was also necessary to explore more routes of financial income. At present there were many government lands in the county with certain use values. It was a pity to let them lay there idle. Therefore, he invited related departments in the County Government to survey and discuss how to flexibly use these lands to increase the income of the county government.

transaction date: 2015/3/30

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