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2015 National indigenous Peoples Games ended perfectly with Nantou winning the Championship

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  On March 28, the inauguration ceremony of 2015 National indigenous Peoples Games was held in Nantou Stadium. Representing all the athletes, Wang Ming-hui, silver medal boating athlete in the Asian Games and Yang Yoi-ting, the softball player lit the sacred fire. President Ma Ying-jeou, Mao Chi-kuo, the President of Executive Yuan, Magistrate Lin Ming-cheng, and many guests attended the event to cheer up the 5300 athletes. After three days of serve competitions, Nantou athletes showed great sportsmanship and won the champion. The closing ceremony was held on March 30 at the same location. Counselor Chou Rui, Ministry of Education, presented the Champion to Deputy Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng, who represented Nantou team to receive the honor.

  In the National indigenous Peoples Games, there were participants coming from 16 different tribes. Held every other year, this time Nantou was the sponsor. This year, Nantou County Government held an Indigenous Peoples Games with 10 salient features, including passing the sacred fire over the holy mountains and holy lands of the indigenous peoples, indigenous cuisines, good harvest evening gala for the athletes, entry ceremony with smoke signals, a gliding basket, and more. Sponsoring the games with indigenous folklore, it fully demonstrated the cultures of indigenous peoples in Taiwan.

  In the opening ceremony, President Ma greeted the 16 tribes in their languages and announced the beginning of the games. He expressed that Yang Dai-kang, and many other indigenous athletes had performed brilliantly in the international arena, winning big championships; they were the light of Taiwan and the pride of indigenous peoples.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that after sponsoring the National High School Athletic Games in 2008 and the Citizens Games in 2012, Nantou won high praises from various sectors. In this occasion, Nantou wished to sponsor the National Indigenous Peoples Games to show the essence of indigenous cultures. The competitions started on the 28th, and last for three days. With competitions held in 19 different places in the county, he hoped the 5300 athletes coming from different corners of Taiwan could challenge themselves and leave them with good memories in Nantou.

  At 5pm on the 28th, the cheerleaders welcome the audiences with exciting shows, adding much heat to the game. Then, the athletes coming from different towns and cities entered the stadium gradually. Magistrate Lin led the team holding cool bear balloons, the mascot, to enter the stadium. The team was magnificent. After 3 days of severe competitions, Nantou got 102 marks, and won the Champion, keeping the trophy in the county.

  On the 30th, Deputy Magistrate Chen, and Counselor Chou, and Lin Cheng-yi, Deputy Director of Council for Indigenous Peoples, smothered the sacred fire with scoops of water, ending the games perfectly in the ways of indigenous peoples. Deputy Magistrate Chen handed the Games flag to the Magistrate of Hsinchu County, the sponsor in 2017. Represented by Liu Chao-ming, the Director of the Department of Education, Hsinchu County, he received the flag and agreed to meet the athletes in two years’ time.

transaction date: 2015/5/5

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