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On the eve of World Book Day, Magistrate Lin read and listened to stories with school children

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  April 23 was World Book Day. On April 21, the County Government sponsored a World Book Day press conference, in which Magistrate Lin played the role of an elderly person that loved to listen to stories. Accompanying the school children at Puli Elementary School, the Director of Academic Affairs, Yi Yuan-pei, acted as a granny and storyteller, telling all the participants stories about roses and World Book Day. After telling the stories, five choirs performed flash mobs, singing many folk songs, all of which were pleasing.

  Magistrate Lin emphasized the importance of reading, with his family education as example. He said, when he was young, he bought a set of science books for his son. Once he took home some fish. Because of insufficient knowledge, the fishes were nearly died. Fortunately, his son read through the parts related to aquariums and fishes, obtaining important knowledge about keeping fish. As a result, they survived. From this story, he demonstrated the importance of reading to the school children.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that reading could help us accumulate knowledge. Most books taught us interrelated practical knowledge that was the key to successful careers. To promote the literacy of the townsfolk, the County Government would continue to promote reading. It would also allocate larger budgets to the school libraries to buy more books. Now, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs provides the mobile library van service, which would serve the communities, schools and more upon their application. Once an application is filed, the van arrives at the location for book loaning.

  During the activity, Magistrate Lin, Director Peng Ya-ling of the Department of Education, and Director Lin Rong-shen of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs presented 100 books on-site and read them together with the school children. Accompanied by Magistrate Lin, the school children read books on different subjects and had different reading experiences. During the reading session, the flash mobs directed by Professor Chuang Chi-min of National Taichung University of Education, unexpectedly sneaked in among the people. The choirs formed by volunteers from Chingcheng, Nantou Chiyin, Chunghsin, and Kuanhua Elementary School, and Tsaohsietun were disguised as common people. Suddenly they harmoniously sang together. The venue had become a concert hall in a flash and was permeated with sweet melodies.

  Then, the Director of Academic Affairs, Ms. Yi acted as a story-telling granny, and told stories to the school children together with Grandpa Lin. Presenting roses to the students, Granny Yi and Grandpa Lin told them the legend of “St. George Killing the Dragon,” and the origins of roses and World Book Day. Coincidentally, the date of the World Book Day was also the birthday of William Shakespeare, a renowned British playwright. Listening to the stories attentively, Granny Yi, Grandpa Lin, and a pretend grandchild, all three of them, brought the students into the world of fairy tales with their witty dialogue.

transaction date: 2015/5/21

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