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Childbirth benefits doubled in Nantou on June 1

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  Deputy Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng announced in “Good pregnancy, more childbirth” press conference on May 26 that the childbirth benefit would be doubled from NT$ 5,000 to NT$ 10,000, with the maximum of NT$ 20,000 for each person in each childbirth, in Nantou County from June 1. Deputy Magistrate Chen also encouraged young couples to give birth to more children to bring more hope to the elderly society with lesser and lesser children.

  Deputy Magistrate Chen pointed out that although Nantou encountered financial difficulties, the governing team endeavored to secure financial sources to accomplish the goal of Magistrate Lin Ming-chen of encourage childbirth. Form June 1, the childbirth benefit would be increased significantly, from NT$ 5,000 to NT$ 10,000. With double encouragement, young couples should give birth to more babies, bringing more hope to the families and our society.

  Deputy Magistrate Chen continued Magistrate Lin promoted the county governing devotedly, and his goals were accomplished gradually. Since his inauguration, he had fulfilled the welfare policies of elderly bus pass (free ride on buses with subsidization increased from NT$ 300 to NT$ 1,000), food bank aid to elementary schools, and more. For the school children with difficulties of eating 3 meals nutritiously, to be evaluated by their homeroom teachers, they would be supplied with meals. In this year, the Double Ninth benefit to the elderly was also increased from NT$ 500 to NT$ 1,000 each.

  The Social Welfare Department expressed, in accordance with the newly revised “Guidelines for the Release of Childbirth Benefit” each of the Nantou couples can claim the childbirth benefit of NT$ 10,000 for their first child. If there is more than 1 babies delivered at one time, the first baby can claim NT$ 10,000 of childbirth benefit; the second baby, NT$ 15,000; and the third baby (or more), NT$ 20,000. If they deliver more than 1 baby in their second delivery, the first baby can claim NT$ 15,000; and the second baby(or more), NT$ 20,000.

  In the press conference, the Wanfeng Dance Studio at Caotun and the Qianshui Dance Studio of Fuzhou community performed dance shows passionately. In addition, a 12 pregnant women show and grabbing test for babies were also held. All the participants, including civilians and the employees in the county government, joined the event voluntarily showing their supports to Magistrate Lin. The event was very touching indeed.

transaction date: 2015/6/9

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