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The winners of “County Magistrate Premium Tea” announced. Sales will begin on July 19

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    The winners of the first “County Magistrate Premium Tea” were announced on June 17. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen unveiled the announcement and declared that Liu Sung-Chieh and Ye Chen-wei won the excellence awards for the light aroma category and the rich aroma category respectively. At the same time, the packing of this tea was released as well. Magistrate Lin emphasized that the County Magistrate Premium Tea had undergone strict quality control, with no pesticide residue. Its price and the inspection process were transparent. It will be sold in the market on July 19. Welcome all to purchase these fine teas.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that the first “County Magistrate Premium Tea” have all passed strict examination. In the first round, there were 734 entries, 7% of which was sampled for examination. In the second round, all the premium tea, grade 1 tea were sent for examination again. The grade 2 tea and merit tea were sampled and examined duly to control their quality strictly.

    Magistrate Lin pointed out that the Magistrate Tea was opened to all tea farmers in Nantou. Providing them a fair platform for competition, it helped promoted Nantou’s tea industry. 4 experts from the Tea Research and Extension Station tested all the entries to be smooth and aromatic. In addition, their prices should be transparent. The prices for the teas are stipulated as follow: premium tea, NT$80,000; grade 1, NT$10,000; grade 2, NT$5,000; and merit, NT$ 2,500. He emphasized the price was transparent.

    Magistrate Lin also announced the result of the County Magistrate Premium Tea contest. In the light aroma category, there were 374 entries, among which 1 distinctive award was presented to Liu Song-chie. There were 10 grade 1 awards, presented to Huang Kuo-chang, Chen Yi-chong, Wu Hsien-san, Shen Hui-san, Huang Chia-tung, Lai Shih-jong, Lin Yu-cheng, Huang Min-chun, Hsieh Wang-shan, and Huang Ming-chiang respectively. As to the rich aroma category, there were 360 entries, and the distinctive award was presented to Ye Chen-wei. And there were also 10 grade 1 awards, presented to Chen Hsiu-yu, Lin Kuan-min, Chang Chun-hong, Yang Cheng-hua, Huang Li-min, Chen Chi-hsien, Lin Mao-yan, Chen Chun-wei, Lin Hsin-yue, and Huang Li-min.

    In the press conference, in addition to the announcement of the award winners, the packing of this tea was also released. Magistrate Lin help up the elegant design of the County Magistrate Premium Tea packages, and delivered that he welcome all the people to buy and taste this premium tea. This tea will begin to sell on July 19. He added the competition would be renamed “Nantou Premium Tea” next year to highlight its representative status. In addition, the black tea category will be added to encourage more people to engage in tea farming and marketing in Nantou.

transaction date: 2015/7/20

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