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Maoluo River Embankment Construction Project is going to complete soon. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hope it to help alleviating and regulating the river flow

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    Since 1993, the regulation construction of the Maoluo River in Nantou has been conducted for more than 20 years. In addition to the completion of reinforcement of the 230-meter bank protection, the Third River Management Office, WRA sponsored the press conference “Flood Prevention and Water Protection” on June 28 to explain the progress of the construction of Chunggong embankment. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen attended the conference and expressed his gratitude to its contributions in river regulation. In the future, he hoped to reinforce flood prevention and river regulation to transform Maoluo River into a sightseeing spot in Nantou.

    The regulation of Maoluo River is essential to the security to Nantou’s safety. This accomplishment briefing attracted many village heads to attend. In addition, lawmakers Ma Wen-chun and Hsu Su-hua, county council representative Luo Mei-ling and Tseng Chen-yan, and Mayor Song Huai-lin of Nantou City also attended the briefing. To entertain the participants, the Longevity Taiko Drum Ensemble from Fang Mei Community performed exciting pieces.

    After finishing the hardware facilities, such as embankments and more, Director Yang Ren-chie of the Third River Management Office, WRA expressed that in the future they are going to collaborate with the private sector to conduct non-engineering measures to prevent flood together. Deputy Director Wang Rui-teh of WRA also said that regarding the regulation of Maoluo River, they are going to work towards the goals of alleviating the water flow, beautifying the banks by planting trees, and the utilization of river marshes.

    The lawmakers Ma and Hsu and Magistrate Lin also believed that the regulation of Maoluo River is significant to Nantou City. Magistrate Lin hoped that in the future, it is necessary to alleviate the sediments around Pinglin Bridge. If the outlet is not blocked, then it will not cause any sediments in the middle section of the river. Regarding the future development of Maoluo River, Magistrate Lin also planned to build a sand sculpture cultural park and grow more trees and plants along the riverbanks to beautify its landscape. Eventually, he hopes to transform it into a sightseeing resort.

Chief Tong Chi-kang of the Engineering Section, the Third River Management Office, WRA expressed during the briefing that the regulation of Maoluo River has been continued from the era of Water Resource Bureau of the Taiwan Provincial Government to the present. The hardware engineering is almost completed. In the future, it will focus on the campaign and education on flood prevention, including autonomous disaster prevention community, water condition monitoring, volunteer inspection of water conditions, and more to provide further information of better flood prevention information service. As to the incomplete Chen Hsin reinforcement, it will be continued after the announcement of the revision regulation plan.

transaction date: 2015/7/20

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