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Magistrate Premium Tea for sale now. The brand name of Nantou tea has become famous.

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    The “Nantou Magistrate Premium Tea” fair was held on July 19 at 921 Earthquake Park and the Trade Center and Taiwan Cultural Exhibition Center to promote Nantou tea and its sales. In the fair, Magistrate Lin acted as the host for the bid of the premium teas, 1 kg of which were on the bid respectively. At the end the ripe scent tea was sold at NT$80 thousand, and mild-scent tea at NT$ 90 thousand. As the bid completed, the bidders cheered with applauses. In the fair, all other award-winning teas were for sale as well.

    Lin Ming-chen emphasized that the county government sponsored the premium tea contest to choose the best teas that could represent Nantou. With the severe testing for pesticide residues, it built up a platform for positive competition to promote the development of tea industry in the county. Providing full guarantee to the quality of the teas, it gives consumers more confidence in purchasing Nantou tea as well as opening up international markets. In addition, in the next year, it will be renamed as “Nantou County Premium Tea” to manifest the quality tea of Nantou and help promote tea farmers in marketing their teas globally.

    In this contest, many award-winning farmers are all very young. The winner of the Premium Tea, Liu Song-chie, in the mild scent category was born in 1986. He has returned to his hometown to grown tea for 5 years only. He beat many experienced tea farmers with his unique roasting method, which also earned him the championship in the tea-roasting category, making him a dual-champion tea farmer. In the ripe-scent category, Yeh Chen-wei, born in 1975, won. His tea is grown in Longfeng Valley at a high altitude. In that place, mist gathers, with plenty of sunshine. Moreover, the “water sieving” process in preparing the tea is done in the best time and best way. As a result, is has fewer impure substances and more aromatic elements.

    Liu Song-chie expressed that his winning inspires and encourages young people very much to return home and become farmers. It “boosts” young farmers to continue growing tea. Yeh Chen-wei said that it is good for the county government to sponsor this contest, which helps tea farmers much in marketing their teas. In addition to selling part of the award winning tea, he is also preparing to present some of it to friends and family, sharing his glory.

    In addition to the award presentation of the Magistrate Premium Tea, Magistrate Lin also put 1 kg tea of the ripe scent category and mild scent category respectively for bidding. At the end, they were sold at NT$90 thousand and NT$80 thousand. In the ceremony, there was also other activities as award winning teas sales, lucky drawing lot, tea jelly and floral paste DIY. It attracted many visitors to buy teas of their choices.

transaction date: 2015/8/19

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