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Nantou Food Fair held in Taipei. Magistrate Lin invites people to visit, taste and buy.

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    Nantou Food and Special Products Fair was held on July 30 at 12F, Pacific SOGO, Zhongxiao Branch. There were 51 companies participating in the fair, which attracted many visitors. The venue was packed with people. Magistrate Lin presented and endorsed Nantou’s food and special products. He invited all the people in northern Taiwan came to the fair, taste the food, and buy those they liked, as he shared the gourmet food and quality farm produce of Nantou.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that in addition to exhibiting Nantou food, it also gathered the best Nantou farm produce and gifts there for visitors’ convenience. In addition, the fair also introduced Nantou crafts, including the ceramics of Snake Kiln of Shuili, paper crafts, and more to people, who could know more about traditional crafts in Taiwan when they were tasting gourmet food. Magistrate Lin said, in addition to being a sightseeing resort, Nantou also has plenty of natural resources. It is a highly recommended holiday attraction spending a summer. This year, the total visitors to Nantou are likely to exceed 9 million. Welcome to visit Nantou.

    With enthusiasm, he would like to introduce Nantou’s gourmet food and special products to people living in northern Taiwan. It is the first time for the Department of Agriculture, Nantou County Government to collaborate with Pacific SOGO. In the fair, plenty of gourmet foods, such as handmade sweet potato buns, plum enzyme ice cream, air-fish cheesecake, grapes, passion fruits, pears, plums, teas from the big tea zone, and more are displayed, to satisfy visitors’ appetites. Hopefully, they can buy their all their favorite foods at one go.

    Hosted by Magistrate Lin, Deputy General Manager Bo Ben-shen of the Retail Operation Headquarters of Pacific SOGO, Village Head Lin Chi-ying of Monster Village, the opening ceremony was held at Sogo Zhongxiao Branch. In the ceremony, they worked together to promote Nantou’s food and produce to complete the shopping map at Nantou. Announcing the commencement of the food and special product fair, they launched an early bird gifts activity on the first day. All buyers could enjoy a free “Granny Tea Egg” free with the receipt of buying any Nantou product. In addition, Magistrate Lin and Deputy General Manager also presented 100 Chi Nan Temple at Zhushan Memorial coin to 100 early birds to the fair. The ceremony ended happily. The food fair and special product fair began on July 30 (Thu) and will end on August 9 (Sun). Welcome you all to visit and buy your favorite foods.

transaction date: 2015/8/19

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