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Free shuttle bus services from HSR Station to Shueili New route operated by All Da Bus launched on the 20th

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    Promoted by Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and Lawmaker Hsu Shu-hua, the Moter Vehicles Service, Directorate General of Highways permitted to issue the right-of-way between Wurih HSR Station in Taichung and Shueili. All Da Bus has launched the new bus route from Wurih HSR Station to Shueili on August 20. On 19, a launching ceremony was held at the All Da Shueili Bus Station. Local people are more than happy.

    In the past, the folks living at Shueili, Jiji, Mingjian, and other townships had to take buses to Kancheng Station in Taichung first before transferring to Wurih HSR Station in the same city. It was very inconvenient. When Magistrate Lin was still a lawmaker, he began to request for the release of right-of-wat between Wurih, Taichung to Shueili, Nantou. He expressed that his efforts had been answered satisfactorily. Now, the folks and visitors at Shueili, Jiji, and surrounding areas can take the direct shuttle bus to and from the HSR Station. Moreover, the County Government has also adjusted the amount and presents the elderly people with NT$1000 of transportation benefits in the county so that they can take this shuttle bus to HSR station with their elderly travel cards.

    On the day of the launching ceremony, Magistrate Lin, Lawmaker Hsu, Township Counselor Chen Shu-huey, Mayor Chen Ji-heng of Jiji Town, Director Li Hui-hung of Taichung Motor Vehicle Office, President Wu Rui-yao of All Da Bus, and local representatives attended to witness this happy moment. They also took the bus used for the route between Shueili and Wurih HSR Station to travel around Shueili Town. They all exclaimed that it was safe, comfy, and convenient. Lawmaker Hsu pointed out that with the success in securing the right-of-way, people will find it more convenient to travel to and from the Wurih HSR Station.

    President Wu expressed that this route goes to Wurih HSR Station in Taichung via Mingjian, Jiji, and Shueili directly. The whole trip takes about 90 minutes. On the 20th, All Da bus offered people free trips to and from the HSR Station. During the first month of it official operation, people can enjoy 30% and 36% discounts respectively with Easy Card and All Da Card.

    Operated 12 times a day, the bus starts at Kancheng Station, Taichung to Wurih HSR Station, via Jingguo Highway 3, Jiji, Mingjian to Shueili. At Kancheng Bus Station, the first bus starts at 8:15am, and the last bus 6:15pm. At Shueili Bus Station, the first bus starts at 7:15am and the last bus, 5:15pm. For further details, please call All Da Bus service hotline at 04-22239666 or visit its official website.

transaction date: 2015/9/15

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