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The County Government and the Council of Indigenous Peoples inspected Renai Road Pingjing Hanging Bridge for vehicles will be built

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    Magistrate Lin Ming-cheng and Commissioner Lin Chiang-yi of the Council of Indigenous Peoples inspected the Jingcui Industrial Road at Renai Township, Pingjing Tribe at Duda Village, and Route 85. The Council of Indigenous Peoples promised to subsidize about NT$70 million to build the Pingjing Hang Bridge for vehicles. It will also provide NT$22 million in 2 years to help repair and widen Jingcui Road.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that Jingcui Industrial road is narrow, rugged, and torn. So the County Government endeavored to secure funds from the Council of Indigenous Peoples to repair and widen this road. The subsidization, amounted about NT$22 million, will be paid in 2 years’ time. Depending on the conditions, the broken parts will be paved with either AC or PC for enhancement. Parts of the road will be widened with RC fixed-pile method.

    Commissioner pointed out that after the inspection they discovered that Jingcui Industrial Road is not only the major route for local transportation but also a major alternative road. Therefore, it needed to be improved desperately. It is estimated that there will be the subsidization of about NT$5 million this year for the improvement of the hazardous sections. In the next year, about NT$16 million will be provided to improve their entire road. In addition, the Council of Indigenous Peoples will not only provide NT$2.42 million to repair Pingjing Hanging Bridge but also to build a new Pingjing Hanging Bridge for vehicles.

    Magistrate Lin, Commissioner Lin, and other officials inspected Cuifeng at Renai Township and Jingcui Industrial Road at Hezuo Village at Jingguan Tribe. This road is the major transportation route for local industries as well as an outbound road. After inspection, they discovered that the foundations of parts of the road have submerged, and others are torn and rugged. Commissioner Lin believed that these problems must be solved and the road must be repaired. Likewise, he consent to help repair and improve the road financially.

    Pingjing Hanging Bridge is a very old construction. In recent years, it has been severely damaged. The Council of Indigenous People has agreed to provide funds for mending it. Considering the needs of industrial transportation, it agreed to subsidize building a new hanging bridge for vehicles by the old ones. Its total length is about 123 meters. Including the building of earth retaining bridges and the road construction projects, the total expenditure is about NT$73 million.

    The 7K section of Nantou Route 85 has collapsed. The County Government has repaired it. Due to the soft soil and rock layers, stones fall from time to time. To improve this situation, Magistrate Lin has already requested the Central Government to allocate funds for mending it. In addition to mending it for smooth transportation, plans will be made to build a tunnel for safety.

transaction date: 2015/9/15

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