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The 33rd 10 thousand swimmers gala launched with 20391 participants from 33 countries joining the event

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    The 33rd Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival was held on two days for the first time. On September 19, Chinese Taipei Open Water Swimming Championship was held. In the contest, there were about 900 amateur swimmers joined and challenged the 5km freestyle race. The winners were Cho Cheng-chi and Su Shi-han for the men and women’s groups respectively. As to the 10 thousand swimmers’ gala was held grandly on the 20th, with 20391 swimmers from 33 countries participated in this 3km race. Accompanied by Magistrate Lin Ming-chen, Vice President Wu Den-yih released ten thousand president fish fingerlings at the Shuishe Pier at 7:30am. Then, they moved on to the starting point and fired the shot to announce the beginning of the race. They also cheered the swimmers up. The venue was vivid and magnificent.

    Vice President Wu Den-yih, the founder of the cross-lake swimming carnival, expressed that the Sun Moon Lake Cross-Lake Swimming Carnival had been held for 33 years with the endeavors of the magistrate and the county government team. The number of participants had soared into about twenty thousand, becoming an international event. The contributions of the county government were worthy of high praise. He hoped all the swimmers to reach the destination safely, completing this swimming challenge.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that there were 1,985 international swimmers coming from 33 different countries. Moreover, 173 handicapped athletes participated in the race. He was deeply impressed by their courage to take on this challenge. The swimming carnival has attracted many local and international swimmers because it is safe, of high quality, and innovative. In this gala, it had made the record of the highest number of international swimmers. With its scale and capacity, it won the sponsorship of the certified the third international open-water swimming contest in Asia, promoting the ten thousand cross-lake swimming contest into an international event.

    On the 19, the championship for the men’s group was won by Cho Cheng-chi, aged 16, with a record of 45 minutes and 45 seconds. As for the championship of women’s group, it was won by Su Shi-han, a sophomore at National Taiwan Ocean University with a record of 48 minutes and 16 seconds. On the 20, with Vice President Wu Den-yih, Magistrate Lin, and the guests fired the shots together to announce the beginning of the race. Swimmers from 33 countries, including America, Japan, Britain, the Philippines, and more jumped into the water. In the 3,000m water path, they drew a long line of white foam. What a magnificent picture.

    As soon as he jumped into the water at Chaowu Pier, Wu Wen-yi, a disabled person, from Kaohsiung took the lead and finished the 3,000m race in 42 minutes. When he got out of the water, he was welcomed as a hero by applause. Proceeding smoothly with the high standard of safety and quality required by the county government, eventually the 20391 swimmers finished the challenge safely, adding another legend to the event.

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