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Nantou Global Tea Expo will launch on October 3. Welcome to have tea

Bureau:Nantou County Government


    Nantou Global Tea Expo will be held from October 3 to October 11 as Chung Hsin New Village. The county government sponsored press conferences on September 22 and 30 at 1F of Nantou County Government Building at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute – Taipei Branch respectively. Approaching its 6th anniversary, the tea expo is themed “Floating cups, meandering brook, and dancing tea.” In the venue, there will be more splendid decorations and presentations. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and the famers’ association attended the conference to present prime tea to all the participants. Welcome all tea lovers in the country to join our gala.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that Nantou has the highest production capacity of tea in Taiwan. Its tea is also of the highest quality. Promoted by the county government, it has created many trade opportunities for the tea farmers in the county. Many tea traders and tea farmers agree that they have made good sales in the past tea expos. In this occasion, the tea expo will be held for 9 days. In addition to the exciting activities, such as the 1000-people tea party, 1000-people tea rolling, golden tea tasting, floating cups and tea sipping, there will be 245 stalls selling tea, tea sets, gourmet food, coffee and other special farm produce. Welcome to join us and buy your favorite items.

    On the 22, with the performance of the elegant tea dance by Manhui Dance Troupe, the event began. The theme of the dance is tea, comprising with the elements of tea picking and tea making. It illuminated the theme of tea dance expo well. Later, there were two young tea artists performing the process of tea making conducted by farmers in ordinary time. With their performance, the story of tea making was delineated in front of the audience. Magistrate Lin and all the guests also joined to experience tea rolling. They cheered and held the tea grown by the tea farmers high to announce the commencement of the tea expo on October 3.

    In the press conference, there was a tea display zone showing tea grown in different areas, including the Lugu dong ding oolong tea, Zhushan Sun Link Sea tea, Nantou City Qing Shan tea, and more. The tea artists from the farmers’ associations brewed their teas at site. Suddenly, the hall was filled with tea’s aroma. Magistrate Lin and the guests greeted the stalls one by one and tasted their tea with high recommendation.

    In this tea expo, in addition to the participation of Hushan Art Gallery (with the display of world tea tour) and Golden Tea Gallery, there will be exhibitions at Hospitable Le Tea Gallery, Leisure Farming Galley, Outstanding Farmers Gallery, and more, displaying the diversity of tea culture. Moreover, an international tea art exhibition will be held at the Youth Activities Center. In accordance with the theme of the expo, two water ducts will be set up there with elegant landscape as backdrop. Visitors need to pay only NT$100 admission to experience the fun of the ancient game of floating cup, tea sipping, and versifying. Welcome to visit the expo and enjoy the taste of different kinds of tea. For further information, please visit the tea expo website: http://teaexpo.mmweb.tw/.

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