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Theme Deputy Minister Dr. Tseng, Shu-Cheng of the National Development Council visited the Nantou County Government. County Magistrate Lin expected to rejuvenate the Chung Hsing New Village as soon as possi
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-9-7

    The Chung Hsing New Village Rejuvenation Project Office of the National Development Council has just opened. Deputy Minister Tseng Deputy Minister Dr. Tseng, Shu-Cheng of the National Development Council visited County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen of the Nantou County Government on August 6. Both parties communicated on issues related to the rejuvenation of Chung Hsing New Village. County Magistrate Lin expressed that he was glad to see the past glory of Chung Hsing revived. Collaborating with the new organizations of the central government, the old quarters will be refurbished very soon to boost morale. The swimming pool, youth activity center, and the arena will be refurbished soon, motivating the county government to take over and manage them.

    County Magistrate Lin expressed that the administrative efficiency of the former Taiwan Provincial Government earned very high acclaim. After the downsizing of the province, Chung Hsing New Village was declined. County Magistrate Lin is of the opinion that, as the organization of the central government is readjusted, new units will be formed. These new units will be moved to Chung Hsing New Village. We should make the best of this time to refurbish the staff’s quarters so that they will have places to live and concentrate on their work.

    Deputy Minister Tseng expressed that, according to the evaluation of the National Development Council, part of the quarters in Chung Hsing New Village will be refurbished. The cost of refurbishing one of the premises is about NT$1 million. If we purchase the materials in bulk and refurbish the quarters in batches, the cost will be even lower. The Chung Hsing New Village Rejuvenation Project Office of the National Development Council is investigating and evaluating the possibilities of building new quarters for convenience of collective management.

    Regarding the arena and swimming pool that have been lying idle for years: the youth activities center has a very low usage rate. The badminton court and others have higher demand. Lin Ming-chen expects the central government to refurbish them in the shortest possible time. The county government is willing to take over the responsibilities of their management so that people can sponsor activities there more conveniently without the trouble of finding suitable venues.

    Director-General Li Cheng-wei of the Department of Economic Affairs suggested that the quarters of Chung Hsing New Village and other premises can be handed over to the county government and entrusted to its management after refurbishment. As to related operations, he would like to invite the Cultural Affairs Bureau to collaborate in assessing cultural asset issues. He further suggested that the sewage management of Chung Hsing New Village that had not been included in its management, and should be included to lessen people’s burden.

    The county government expressed that, concerning the matters of rejuvenating Chung Hsing New Village, the county government shares the same goal as the central government. Now, Nantou County is promoting the construction of the industrial park for the five main industries to increase job opportunities. It is also planning to construct housing for young people and hopes to solve the current issues Nantou is facing.

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