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Theme Nantou County Government endeavors to secure NT$350 million of funds to revive Dongpu Hot Spring
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-9-7

    The Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan held a general meeting at Dongpu Hot Spring on August 13, hosted by the board director Li Ji-tian. Hot spring owners throughout Taiwan gathered at Hotel Tilun Dongpu Spa. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen attended the meeting, accompanied by the Deputy Director general Lin Siou-mei of the Department of Tourism. County Magistrate Lin pointed out that Nantou County Government had secured NT$300 million of funds from the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Project. Topped up with funds of about NT$50 million raised locally, they are going to upgrade the quality of tourism at Dongpu Hot Spring area, and hope that more visitors come to enjoy the magnificent landscapes and hot spring spa.

    The Dongpu hot spring area street landscape shaping and road quality improvement construction project will be implemented at 5km of the outbound road, occupying about 10.8 hectares, which will be the main construction site. It will use tribal culture to activate the open space and promote the quality of the business area’s environment and overall street landscape, integrating the facilities and joint pipelines to allow the Dongpu hot spring area to have a new look.

    County Magistrate Lin pointed out that when the Nantou County Government developed the Fuxing hot spring area in Puli, it was already successful in digging out hot spring water, whose quality is better than that in Lushan. Dongpu hot springis a renowned hot spring area, and Nantou County Government also secured funds from the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Project to rejuvenate the town. At present it is in the process of design and tender. He welcomes industries to contribute suggestions to transform Nantou into a sightseeing capital.

    The Hot Spring Association invited Shiodon Dekimura and Masayuki Hamada, two Japanese hot spring experts, to attend the meeting. Professor Dekimura suggested the businesses cooperate with the government to construct the hot springs into a nourishing and refined facilities with major appeal, matching with neighboring scenic spots and marketing them with slogans such as “pure Nantou and considerate hot spring” to promote the hot spring’s profile. The director of the Regional Science Association of Spas, Japan, Masayuki Hamada expressed that there are 3,000 hot springs in Japan. Each person goes to a hot spring at least once per year. If it is possible to introduce the hot spring areas in books and magazines and issue them in different languages in different countries, he believes it will attract international visitors.

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