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Theme Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Miaoli county and city leaders meeting held in Miaoli, achieving 47 proposals
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-10-17

    The heads of the four counties of Zhong Chang Tou Miao County were debuted in Miaoli on the 22nd. The County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen, the Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung, the Miaoli County Magistrate Xu Yao-chang and the Changhua deputy Governor Lin Ming-yu led each county and city department director to attend the meeting. A total of 47 proposals were reached. Including 27 requests for central assistance and 20 proposals for cooperation between 4 counties and cities, the cooperation platform entered its 4th year, and 224 cooperation proposals have been reached with a completion rate of 73%, results are good.

    In the second half of 2018, the four counties of Zhong Chang Tou Miao County Heads and Municipalities Meeting was held at the Miaoli Stadium. The day coincided with the opening of the Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo. Lin Cong-xian, the chairman of the Executive Yuan's Agricultural Committee, also attended the meeting and hosted the opening of the CTA Expo opening. And for the upcoming Taichung International Flora Expo in November, the four mayors of Zhong Chang Tou Miao signed the Taichung International Flora Expo Taichung Declaration.

    County Magistrate Lin states that the Zhong Chang Tou Miao regional governance platform has achieved fruitful results and played a very important role in solving the problems of the four counties and cities. He also invited the people to try out Nantou agricultural specialties such as the County Magistrate tea, coffee and plums at the [Nantou Exhibition Hall] during the Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo. After the Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo, Nantou will handle the Nantou Global Tea Expo from October 6th to 14th. County Magistrate Lin hopes that through the 2018 Flora Expo, Tea Expo and other activities, everyone will be shown the beauty of Nantou.

    The County Magistrate Xu said that Miaoli has signed a letter of intent for the cooperation and innovation of UAVs with the ITRI to jointly promote the application of high-end technology for UAVs, and will strive to establish the first UAV training and certification in Taiwan; with this proposal the development of drones will also be extended to the 4 counties and cities, including parent-child UAV handling experience activities, as well as the application of UAVs to the educational training of traffic engineering management for road and bridge testing, traffic flow analysis, etc.

    Mayor Lin states that central region governance has become a role model, and exchanges and cooperation on various issues, including Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo and upcoming 2018 Taichung International Flora Expo, marketing agriculture and tourism, and showing the world Central Taiwan. Deputy County Magistrate Lin stated that in the upcoming Taichung International Flora Expo, each County/City will cooperate together. For example, and the seedlings, landscape gardening and floral arts of Taichung International Flora Expo are all from Changhua. Through this cooperation, the folks of Zhong Chang Tou Miao can benefit greatly.

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