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Theme Nantou Lantern Festival Opens Six Major Attractions themes On Water, Land aAnd Air and Features. 12 Days Of of Non-Stop Double Fireworks.
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-3-18

    The 2019 Nantou Lantern Festival debuted at the Nantou County Convention and Exhibition CenterEXPO Center on the 2nd. This year, the main light district of Nantou was based on the theme of "Fududu getting rich",” and, continuing last year’s planningplan, the Nantou main light district and the Puli water lantern district. The county governor Lin MingqinCounty Magistrate Lin Ming-chen led the county team that officially launched the happy lighting ceremony for the main lamplantern, the techno pig "Fududu," technology pig and the newly completed romantic lover bridge. The official kick-off was held with accompanied by a gorgeous water show and waterfall fireworks show. The lanterns festival will be held till February 24th, and citizens are welcomed to take the opportunity to admire some lanterns.

    County governor Lin MingqinCounty Magistrate Lin Ming-chen states that this year, the Nantou Lantern Festival has launched more than 20 themed light displayss in its two light districts. It combines the six eye-catching themes on water, land and air to allow tourists to walk around from day time to night time. There are sand sculptures, seas of flowers flower seas and exhibitions during the day. Fireworks, water shows, romantic lover bridge rainbow lights and various wonderful performances at night, including activities across the water, land and air, welcomeing citizens from all around the nation to come to Nantou during the Spring Festival, in the hopes of exceeding hoping to exceed 5 million visitors this year.。

    During the opening ceremony of the Nantou Lantern Festival, County Governor LinCounty Magistrate Lin and wife, County Team, Legislative Council Member HsXu Shu-hua, County Councilor Lin Fang-yu, CZhang ChJia-czhe, Cai MingxuanTsai Ming-hsuan, Nantou Mayor Song HuailinSung Huai-lin, JZhushan Mayor Chen TuDong-mu, Nangang Industrial ParkZone sponsor representative and other VIPs will participated in the main lanternlamp lighting ceremony, and then sentd up the pig year lanterns, t. The lights werewill bewill be sent up every night at 6:30, 200 on weekdays, 400 on holidays, to attract people to the long queues to obtain them.

    The main light "Fud Dudu" is designed as a futuristic technology pig, echoing the new generation of technology, and with the high-tech floodlights are set up inside and outside the pig. The whole main light is rotatedrotates 360 degrees during the performance and it is accompanied by music. Displaying a bright and beautiful set piece, the show will be held every half hour starting at 6 pm during the Lantern Festival.

    There are four exhibition areas in the exhibition center. The paper carving pig exhibition drawn by the elementary children in Nantou County, the butter flower exhibition made by Tibetan lama hands and the Haining Lantern Exhibition are from the "First Light City of Jiangnan" mastercraft crafted exhibits, like dragon lLights and, boat lights shipped from Zhejiang Haining, and a the virtual reality of the insect VR exhibition that can be experience. The main photo-shooting hotspots promoted in the light district are the Dudu mobile mobilization lights area next to the main lights. Up The up to 150 painted pigs drawn by school children in the county, are absolutely adorable; the other area is the light blanket garden light area behind the Convention and Exhibition CenterEXPO Center, where visitors can take a photo with a European castle and totem of flowers on the ground.

    For more information on the latest news for the lantern festival, please visit the official website

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