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Theme Tree Planting Near Rui-long Waterfall
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-4-19

    Ming-Chen Lin Promotes Nantou Tourism

    The Forestry Bureau, Nantou Forest District Office cooperated with Nantou County Government to organize “Extension of Lively Green Line – 2019 Tree Planting in Nantou County” on March 9. The event was launched in the scenic Rui-long Waterfall of Jhushan Township, attracting thousands of people. There were even 4 tour buses carrying tourists from Pingtung to the waterfall, showing that the Rui-long Waterfall has become a famous tourist spot. Ming-Chen Lin, the County Magistrate, expressed that the Government would continue to strengthen tourism development in order to attract more tourists to Nantou.

    Ming-Chen Lin, the County Magistrate, Liao Yi-Kuang, Deputy Director General, legislators of Yu Hao and Tsai Meng-E, Chen Tung-Mu, Mayor of Jhushan Township planted Taiwan pines at the entrance of the Rui-Long Waterfall. The Magistrate said that there were dense forests and emerald-green mountains along the Waterfall. The Waterfall was especially selected for tree-planting to create beautiful scenery and improve tourism benefits. Forestry Bureau also prepared 1,400 Taiwan Incense Cedar, sweet olive and Azalea seedlings for take-home planting.

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