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Theme Nantou Plum Festival’s First – 500 People Make Plums at Highway Service Area
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-5-15

    Nantou Plum Festival makes its first on National Highway! On the 20th, a Plum DIY activity took place in the Nantou Service Area on the National Highway No.3, where 500 people gathered to make crisp plums side by side with a lively atmosphere in the air. To support local agriculture, Inkism International announced its partnership with Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association, as witnessed by Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and Legislator Hsu Shu-hua, with its purchase of 50,000 kg of Nantou plums; a Purchase Letter of Intent was also signed by both parties. It is the first time in the Festival’s history that a company made such a large order of plums. Various kinds of plum products were also publicized at the event, attracting travelers and potential clientele from all over Taiwan.

    Magistrate Lin Ming-chen said that, Ren-ai Township and Xinyi Township in Nantou are now major plum production areas. In the past, the plum industry was not as popular, but with tireless efforts from the Farmers’ Associations and the County Government, the Plum Festival had successfully made Nantou’s plums become more widely known. At the event, Lin and Hsu also participated in the plum DIY activity, making crisp plums with the 500 attendants. Everyone enjoyed the process of twisting and rubbing the plums along with all the pounding and were delighted to bring home their finished products.

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