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Theme Fast-paced and Realistic Annual Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drill
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-5-15

    2019 Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drill took place in Taotailang Village of Jhushan Township on the 30th, where 500-plus personnel from more than 10 units participated. The drill process included more than 24 components and was fast-paced and realistic. Deputy Magistrate Chen Zheng-sheng, Deputy Minister Huang Jin-cheng of Council of Agriculture, Director General Lee Chen-yang of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Executive Officer Wang Ji-liang from the Office of Disaster Management, Executive Yuan all attended as honorable guests at the drill and recognized it as a successful event.

    There are approximately 262 creeks in Nantou County with potential debris flow torrent, which are ranked the highest in a county/city in Taiwan. As a result, disaster prevention and rescue drills have always been held before the flood seasons. While advocating disaster prevention and rescue in advance, all units’ response capabilities were also reinforced. Elementary school students in the neighborhood of Jhushan were also in the audience at the drill, learning about disaster prevention and rescue from an early age.

    Deputy Magistrate Chen pointed out that the drill process had fully shown everyone’s sophisticated disaster rescue techniques and agility during this fast-paced procedure. On behalf of Magistrate Lin Ming-chen, Chen extended his appreciation for all the hard work that the participating personnel had put into the drill. Chen hoped that by enhancing regular training and disaster prevention as well as rescue knowledge, damages would be reduced to the lowest level possible when disasters strike.

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