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Theme People’s Health in Imminent Danger! Lin Ming-chen Filed Lawsuit Against Taichung Power Plant for “Offenses Against Public Safety”
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-5-15

    “Give clean air back to Nantou!” the Taiwan Power Taichung Thermal Power Plant has long been producing air pollution. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen arrived at Nantou District Prosecutors Office on the 29th to file a lawsuit against Taichung Power Plant for their suspicion in the involvement of “offenses against public safety”. Lin vowed to fight for the rights of people in Nantou County, who had long been suffering from hazardous air quality, and to take on PM2.5 at the same time.

    Lin Ming-chen was accompanied by lawyer Lu Xiu-mei and executive officers from the County Government to file a complaint at Nantou District Prosecutors Office, prosecuting against Taiwan Power Taichung Thermal Power Plant’s suspected involvement in offenses against public safety. Defendants included Chairman Yang Wei-fuu and President Chung Bin-li of Taiwan Power, and Plant Manager of Taiwan Power Taichung Thermal Power Plant. Lin hoped that the central government would earnestly respond to the impact that PM2.5 coal firing had done to people’s health and would adjust its energy policies accordingly to bring back Nantou’s beautiful scenery and clean air that it was once known for.

    Lin Ming-chen pointed out that, the poor air quality that the Nantou region had been suffering had caused a high ratio of its residents to die of lung cancer, lung adenocarcinoma, or diseases of the respiratory system. According to County Government statistics, it is suspected that the source of PM2.5 in Nantou is most likely pollution from exceedingly high emission of coal firing from the Taichung Thermal Power Plant.

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