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Theme Showing Appreciation for Mothers’ Selfless Love – County Government Acknowledged 14 Role Model Moms
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    On the 9th, the County Government hosted the county-wide role model moms’ recognition event, where 14 role model moms coming from 13 cities and townships in the County, accompanied by their families, gathered at Sitou Monster Village and were received by the Government’s hospitality and acknowledgement. Deputy Magistrate Chen Zheng-Sheng attended the event and presented the moms with award plaques, gifts, and bouquets, as a gesture of appreciation for their tireless dedication in raising their children and taking care of their families. Children of Lin Hong-Yin from Guosing Township showed the most loving sight as they kneeled down to express their gratitude.

    Deputy Magistrate Chen pointed out that the County Government would host a public recognition event for role model moms every year and treat each awarded mom to a complimentary night of stay to relax. These efforts have been meant to express appreciation for and award the hardworking and devoted moms. Each and every role model mom is a paragon for society, who works wholeheartedly to raise her children, maintain a family’s functionality, and in turn offers the irreplaceable force for social stability. There are 3 role model moms this year who are over 90 years old and still possess strong physique; surrounded by their children, these moms and families exude the happiest ambiance for the event.

    Finalists for county-wide role model moms are Zhan Zheng Yu-Li from Yuchih Township, Zhang Chen-Wei from Caotun Township, Liao Wu Xiu-Chun from Jhongliao Township, Zhang Lin Cui-Hua from Lugu Township, Liang Huang-Yuan from Jhushan Township, Lin Hong-Yin from Guosing Township, Wang Qiu-Yue from Mingjian Township, Yang Qiu-Yu from Ren-ai Township, Quan Wu A-Xian from Sinyi Township, Chen A-Tao from Shueili Township, Zhou Gui-Hua from Nantou City, You Wen-Bi from Puli Township, Lai Cui-Mian from Jiji Township, and Wang Ruan Chun-Que from Puli Township.

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