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Theme Nantou’s “Golden” Sightseeing Spots – Public Treasury Earning High Income from Tourism
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    Sightseeing trails built by Nantou County Government have not only been helping local tourism but have also been producing high income for the County Treasury. On the 15th, County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen pointed out that Qingjing Sky Walk, which was completed and open to the public in 2017, has become a highlight tourist attraction. As of end of March this year, a total of 1.86 million people had visited the trail, bringing more than NTD 64 million for the County Treasury. The Bamboo Sky Ladder, Sky Bridge, and Ruilong Waterfall are also all profitable. Shuanglong Waterfall Suspension Bridge, which will be completed and open to the public in the summer, is also expected to bring in high income for the County.

    Lin Ming-Chen pointed out that the proper utilization of tourism resources and building sightseeing spots could increase County Treasury’s income. The Bamboo Sky Ladder, which cost NTD 23million, has already boosted County Treasury revenues by NTD 53.14million from its initiation in 1994 through the end of 2017.

    NTD 22million was invested in building Nantou City’s Sky Bridge, and it has also been extremely profitable. Its earnings have been distributed to Nantou City Office, the County Government, and Tourism Bureau’s Tri-mountain National Scenic Area; thus far, the Sky Bridge has brought more than NTD 90million of income for the County Treasury. Within a year since its opening, Qingjing Sky Walk has already attracted 1.9 million visitors that total a ticket income of NTD 64.3million, breaking even the capital cost. Currently, construction for the second phase of the Trail is also underway.

    During his media interview, Lin Ming-Chen emphasized that the County Government has been building sightseeing trails and tourist attractions that are aimed to vitalize local developments.

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