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Theme Wanan No. 42 Military Drill was Successfully Completed – The Drill Showed Fast-Paced and Realistic Procedures
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    Nantou County’s Wanan No. 42 Military Drill took place in the afternoon of the 30th. County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen, Deputy Officer Conducting the Exercise of the United Command Headquarters Ding Da-Cheng, Editor of the Executive Yuan Mobilization Report Xu Zhi-Xiang, Director General of the Police Bureau Chen Mu-Shu, and Commander Chen Wei-Zong of Nantou County Reserve Command all arrived in Nantou City area. They joined in the inspection to ensure civilians and vehicles were evacuated from the streets and were seeking shelter; to monitor traffic control, rescues during warfare, medical treatment for wounded; and to verify the effectiveness of response operations center’s mobilization all proceeded smoothly during the drill. All the procedures and circumstance settings were realistic and highly acknowledged by Deputy Officer Conducting the Exercise Ding.

    County Magistrate Lin pointed out that going through the drills would allow all departments to be familiar with disaster prevention and response SOP, reinforce horizontal communication, enhance all related departments’ response capabilities during air strikes, and strengthen the County’s consolidation of everyday and wartime disaster prevention and response mechanisms. At the same time, the drills would also help to establish an excellent collaborative relationship with the military. Reserving sufficient disaster prevention and response potentiality would enable immediate reactions when facing real war threats or major disasters, which would effectively reduce civilian casualties and damages to their properties. The No.42 drill was participated by a total of 990 police officers, 727 civilians, and 15 military officers.

    Deputy Officer Conducting the Exercise Ding gave high remarks for the drill content and the orderly cooperation and thorough procedures from all departments involved. County Magistrate Lin also expressed his recognition for all participants’ hard work and appreciation for all the County residents for their collaboration.

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