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Theme Recognized with Global Views Magazine Survey Five-Star Rating – County Magistrate Lin Approval Rating ranked No. 4, Administration Score ranked No. 3 Nationwide
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    On the 30th, Global Views Magazine published its results of national approval rating survey for Taiwan’s mayors and county magistrates. Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen was recognized with a 5-star rating, ranked 4th for approval rating and 3rd for administration score nationwide; Lin received top performance amongst mayors and county magistrates in Central Taiwan and was more importantly the first Nantou County Magistrate who had been awarded a 5-star rating. Lin Ming-Chen stated that when he first took office, his approval rating was ranked at the bottom. But through his dedication and efforts, Lin was able to receive a 4.5-star rating last year before achieving a 5-star rating this year. Lin said that he would continue to work hard and bring Nantou’s happiness index to new heights.

    According to Global Views Magazine survey, County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen received a 75% approval rating, which put him in 4th place nationwide; last year he received 71.3%, which ranked 7th nationwide. With respect to administration score, Lin was awarded a score of 75.3, which ranked 3rd nationwide; his score was 73.3 last year, ranking 5th nationwide. Lin has improved in both categories compared with results from last year. And compared with 2015, the approval rating has improved from the 14th to the 4th, and the administration score has improved from the 17th to the 3rd nationwide. Lin’s governing performance has apparently been widely recognized by Nantou County residents.

    Lin Ming-Chen pointed out that Nantou County’s environmental issues are primarily air pollution and garbage. The County residents have been finding the air pollution issue inexcusable, and it has all been due to PM2.5 emission from Taiwan Power Taichung Thermal Power Plant. In response to this issue, the County Government has filed a lawsuit against the Taichung Power Plant for suspicion in the involvement of offenses against public safety, and it has also requested the Taichung Power Plant to reduce its coal firing to safeguard people’s health. On the other hand, the Government has vowed to resolve the garbage problem as soon as it can.

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