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Theme So Giant Oil Seal Wins the National Occupational Safety and Health Award, Magistrate Lin Presents the Award: A Well-Deserved Recognition (January 9)
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2020-2-11

So Giant Oil Seal Wins the National Occupational Safety and Health Award, Magistrate Lin Presents the Award: A Well-Deserved Recognition (January 9)PHOTO:    "Xiongzan, the Family of Occupational safety. Taking Safety and Health the No.1 priority!" It's the 32nd year after the start of the -So Giant Oil Seal Industrial Co., Ltd., which has been dedicated to reducing work-related accidents and improving the health of the working people. In addition to the benefits to its factory workers, the company has actively established the family of occupational safety and been the leading sheep among the enterprises that promote work-related safety and health. It has driven the small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nangang Industrial to be at par with the trend of occupational safety and health. Its distinguished achievement won the National Occupational Safety and Health Award, an extraordinary honor.

    On the 9th, Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen paid an exclusive visit to the So Giant Oil Seal Industrial Co., Ltd. He extended his congratulations on the success and presented the 5-star Enterprise Medal to the company. The Magistrate said it straight and humorously, "It's never easy for myself to become a 5-star County Magistrate after long years of effort. I'm so pleased by the So Giant, to be such a 5-star enterprise! Lai Jiong-zhang, the president of So Giant Co., Ltd., led all the staff to work hard together, it's a well-deserved recognition.

    Magistrate Lin also said, the So Giant Co., Ltd. was set up in the Nangang Industrial Park in 1988; allocating full investment on improving the safety and sanitation equipment and the actively adopting the heavy-duty pushcarts in the production line, multi-safety mechanism design and the noise and vibration-reduction washing and drying equipment for the semi-finished product. Not only has the safety of the factory worker been practically improved, the company has also actively organized and participated in the Families of Occupational Safety, the So Giant, the Xinan and the Xiongzan Family, which pay enthusiastic attention to the public welfare of taking care of the underprivileged minority, a model example for the small and medium-sized enterprises. This year, So Giant donated NT$300,000 to sponsor the Nantou Lantern Festival, "As a County Magistrate, I'm feeling so proud and greatly appreciative of the company's contribution." said Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen. PHOTO:嵩贊油封榮獲國家職業安全衛生獎2 PHOTO:嵩贊油封榮獲國家職業安全衛生獎3
PHOTO:嵩贊油封榮獲國家職業安全衛生獎4 PHOTO:嵩贊油封榮獲國家職業安全衛生獎5

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