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Theme Successful Conclusion of Nantou Global Tea Expo with Historically High Record of Number of Visitors and Sales Revenue
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-11-15

    The 9th “Nantou Global Tea Expo” was launched in Chung Hsing New Village on October 6th, and on the 14th the Expo was successfully concluded. In this nine-day event, there were tea sales and exhibition, and a tea cultural presentation. On weekends, exciting programs, including a participation of 1,000 people in tea panning, tea party, picnic, and grassland concert were offered to attract about 500,000 visitors, and sales revenue exceeded NTD67 million, a dramatic increase from those of last year to create another peak for the tea industry in Nantou County.

    On Day 1 of the Expo, good news was released about the sales of County Magistrate’s Special Tea sold to a Chinese visitor at the amount of NTD1.65 million. According to the Director-general of Nantou County Farmers’ Association, Tseng Ming-Rui, County Magistrate’s Special Tea costs NTD88,000 per 600 grams and was bought by an anonymous Taiwanese businessman for his mainland friend. This indicates the good reputation of Nantou’s tea. County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen on that day presented award plates to winners of the County Magistrate Tea Contest and welcomed all visitors to the Global Tea Expo.

    Expo events, including a participation of 1,000 people in the tea party, tea panning, and Malasun picnic were continuously launched. In the 1,000-person tea party, more than 400 seats were available for 2,000 visitors to drink a cup of tea and chat on the grassland. Tea flavor and aroma helped to relax both body and mind. County Magistrate Lin demonstrated tea panning to 1,000 visitors and brought expo events to another peak.

    The 1,000 People Malasun Picnic was the newly launched big event this year with the participation of 250 groups. Visitors were able to drink tea and enjoy their snacks. They were also able to appreciate the Bunun performance. After the picnic, in the evening, the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra brought visitors a beautiful orchestral repertoire.

    The Closing Ceremony was held in the afternoon of the 14th at Chung Hsing Hall. Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-Sheng specially thanked the assistance of farmers’ associations at each level and participation of tea farmers and lovers to make this year’s Tea Expo another great success in his closing remarks. This year’s Expo featured air-conditioned five-star container toilets to provide a more comfortable venue space for visitors. With creative cultural and music events, a huge crowd of visitors was attracted. Next year’s successful tea expo is also expected.

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