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Theme Exciting Double Tenth Celebration with Energetic Rock Concert
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-11-15

    The “2018 Rock Youth Concert” was held in Chin Ching Park of Chung Hsin New Village on October 10th to celebrate the National Day with music! The music party presented the most exciting Double Tenth Holiday! The peak of the Concert was the secret guest, “Brother Chen”, presented as a rocker and that happened to be County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen who engaged in a singing contest with the gifted Miu Chu. The audience became excited for the wonderful performance.

    This was the first time that, based on the theme of rock music, the County Government organized the “2018 Rock Youth Concert” to accompany the audience to celebrate a special and rock National Day Evening with exciting music. Performers included MEC Band, Astro Bunny, Mixer, and Taiwan Soul; these new generation bands performed in sequence. The Grand Finale was Miu Chu. Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-Sheng also arrived and waved fluorescent sticks with the young audience to celebrate the National Day Evening together.

    In addition to the performance of prominent music bands, there were promotional programs for road and traffic safety such as a seminar and fun games. At the same time, quiz games with prizes were offered; winners had the chance to take photos with popular bands. The quiz games were very popular and successfully attracted the active participation of the audience.

    The County Government also presented a film of road and traffic safety to educate the public on correct concepts. This concert was thus entertaining and informative. According to County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen, traffic accidents in Nantou County involved mostly motorcycles with more than 50% of riders less than 29 years old. Therefore, with this Concert, traffic safety promotion was educated to the youths as a reminder. In the future, the County Government will continuously promote road safety to safeguard the lives and property safety of its residents.

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