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Theme The “Nantou Tea App”: Using technology to enhance sales of agricultural products
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-12-10

    Imported tea has no guarantees of its quality. How can consumers know they are purchasing authentic high-quality tea from Nantou? With the assistance of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the county government, the Zhongtou Cable Television Network of Taiwan Optical Platform announced the official release of their newly created “Nantou Tea App” at the county government’s headquarters on November 1. The app combines tourism and network sales to develop business in the tea market. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen explains that technology can enhance the sales of agricultural products, and it can also market local tours. The growth cycle of agricultural products from plantation to the market can be found out with ease, and it also helps the farmers in selling their products.

    Internet technology implemented into marketing is a trend nowadays. The Internet not only takes inquiries about agricultural products but is also developing local tours to the origin. The Institute of Information Industry Central Industry Research & Service Division (CID) developed the 3D AR/VR Smart tour and a specialty sales system. Its development created a new sales channel by Kiosk that unites the products on a single platform. By taking Nantou as the center of logistics, the channel expanded to districts in Taichung and Changhua. The concept drives the consumers to venture into Nantou by joining local tours, and also encourages the sales of specialty products in diverse channels.

    The related developers exhibited their results at the release conference. This includes the major developer Kiosk Platform that arranges the tours and product sales, Hyperquantum (HQT) that provides safety tests to ensure origin transparency, and XDThink that offers soil humidity and temperature monitoring at the tea garden. The technology takes the agricultural industry into a further advanced level.

    Among the developers, the isotope origin inspection technology allows the construction of a Nantou tea production database to accumulate big data, mixed tea leaves can be easily solved, bringing a win-win result for the tea farmers and customers.

    County magistrate Lin and President of Taiwan Optical Platform Liao Tzu-tsen both believes that the Internet offer assistance in the development of agriculture and tourism. Public users can simply download the “Nantou Tea App”, then easily find out information such as the origin of the farm that produced it, the farmer, and the environmental data related to the plant. The customer can purchase the tea without worries. President Liao also said that Nantou is the homeland of tea. With technology applied to a traditional industry through digitalization, tea and other agricultural products can be sold directly to the end consumer.

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