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Theme The most exciting Lantern Festival in Taiwan – Light up Nantou on February 2
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-2-26

    The 2019 Nantou Lantern Festival will begin on February 2 (next Saturday). The major lantern “Good Fortune Dudu brings Great Wealth” was introduced to the public in advance on the 23rd. The first lantern robot was also released in the event. The little lantern of the year of the pig, painted pigs, and paper-cut pigs were all there in the promotion campaign. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen expressed that Nantou Lantern Festival will be a very exciting one. There will be fireworks, a water dance, fire dragon dance, sand castle, flower sea and more. The most exciting Lantern Festival in Taiwan will light up the festival in Nantou.

    Nantou County Government held a press conference on the morning of the 23rd to promote the 2019 Nantou Lantern Festival. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen stressed that the design of the main lantern has a very strong sense of the future. The hi-tech lantern will be the major appeal of the Lantern Festival and all other activities will be very exciting too. The painted pigs done by the students will be placed on the limousine of the former President Chiang Ching-kuo, taking us back in time to reminisce the glorious past.

    To encourage the Lantern Festival, county councilors Yeh Jen-chuang, Tseng Chen-yen, Chang Wei-hua, Chang Chia-che, and Tsai Ming-hsuan; Mayor Song Huai-lin of Nantou City; Mayor Chen Ji-heng of Chichi Township; Mayor Wu Wen-chung of Renai Township; Chair Yeh Ming-feng of Shuili Township Council, and more attended the press conference. They all hoped the event will continue to light up Nantou in the future.

    There were more than 4.5 million visitors in the 2018 Nantou Lantern Festival. With this success, Nantou County Government has launched the upgraded plan to present the most exciting Lantern Festival in Nantou. For example, the main appeal of the water will be the dance of water and fire. The Lovers’ Bridge has also been completed. Fireworks will be released there for the first time in the manner of the New Year countdown in Sydney. The dazzling firework waterfall pouring down from the Lovers’ Bridge, lighting up the night sky of the Lantern Festival. The water dance will also present a double firework show in the water and air.

    Starting from February 13, there will be a series of special New Year programs before the Lantern Festival. The famous fire dragon and the “first drum of China” – Ansai waist drum from Shaanxi are going to excite visitors again. In addition, the blind dragon and nine-lion dragon from Zhejiang will meet visitors for the first time in Nantou Lantern Festival. The blind dragon is formed by huge lotuses linking up together, presenting awesome performances. With a history of more than 300 years, the nine-lion dragon is an ensemble of a lion cage, 9 lions, and 38 thick ropes, which are the major elements of the show. Behind the curtain, the performer is going to maneuver these objects in the dance shows, which are both funny and exciting.

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