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Theme New Attractions iIn Nantou City, Rosie Family Stationed iIn Nantou XiaobaigongLittle White House
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-3-18

    Nantou XiaobaigongLittle White House’s "Rosie Family - Taxation OfficeTax Collection Office" held the grand opening of its trial operation on February 1st,, February 1st under the witness of the county governor Lin MingqinCounty Magistrate Lin Ming-chen, general manager of the Monster Village Hotel Lin CZhi-ying, cultural Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Lin Rong-sen, Department of Tourism Director Wang Yuan-chuzhong, Nantou Mayor Song HuailinSung Huai-lin, Monster Village designer Niu Ge Ceng JunlinTseng Chun-lin and others, started its grand opening trial operation, attracting. The event attracted many participantspeople to participate in the grand event, and the attraction also gives ing people who travel to Nantou another good place to visit.

    The Nantou Taxation OfficeTax Collection Office is operated under the ROT mode by the county government as an ROT; it was secured by the well-known Xitou Monster Village Theme Hotel. The office is adjacent to a the traditional market, commercial and financial banks, parks, and residential areas, belonging to in an urban area where parking is difficult. In order to celebrate its move to a new home, settling in XiaobaigongLittle White House, the Rosie family offers three limited “tyrant parking spaces"..” Nantou citizens with proof of ID as proof can upload photos onto the Rosie FacebookB page, tag 3 friends and share it publicly on their personal Facebook page. You will have the opportunity to participate in a game of roll the dice to compete for the tyrant parking space and a limited number of 10 tyrants cup winners can access unlimited drinks for the whole year.。

    County governor LinCounty Magistrate Lin states that the Nantou Taxation OfficeTax Collection Office was a historic building during the 100-year period of the Japanese occupation. After many failed bids, it was finally secured by the planning team of general manager Lin of Monster Village. After half a year of planning, it became a dazzling sightseeing spot. It is themed after its The mascot Rosie cat, is the theme and it is believed that it will attract more tourists to Nantou.

    Lin CZhi-ying states that there are many sightseeing spots in Nantou County, but under the leadership of the county government, the monsters of Monster Village can finally come down the mountain, allowing the Rosie family to move into their new home on New Year’s. This time, they spent nearly TWD20 million yuan planning, recreating the buildings of the Showa era from 83 years ago, and combining it with creative ideas, currently offering souvenirs, drinks and snacks during the trial operation. They will add the restaurants after April, hoping to work together with Nantou’s store owners to win over citizen tourists and overseas travelers to Nantou City and have fun.

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