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Theme Glorious Opening of Nantou Plum Festival, A Magnificent Scene Featuring Thousands of People Joining Crisp Green Plum DIY
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-4-19

    The 2019 Nantou Plum Festival launched grandly at Dream Works of the Mei of Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association in the morning on March 31, attracting thousands of people to the event. Chen Cheng-Sheng, the Deputy Magistrate, Chen Chih-Ching, the former Minister of COA (Council of Agriculture), Chen Shu-Hui, the County Council member, Chen Quo-Zhong, Secretary General of County Council, Hong Mei-Chu, Deputy Director of Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA, Chuan Chih-Chien, Major of Sinyi Township and Huang Chih-Hui, Director-General of Sinyi Farmers’ Association made green crisp plums together with thousands of others to make an impressive view.

    Chen Cheng-Sheng, the Deputy Magistrate, said plums were commonly cultivated in Nantou County and were fruits with rich nutrients and healthy benefits. Shueili, Sinyi, Ren-ai and Guosing Townships are the main production areas of high-quality plums. Farmers have worried about slow demand in every plum season. The County Government has organized the yearly Plum Festival to promote sales, and arranged the DIY activity to allow more people to learn how to make delicious green crisp plums. It could be seen from the crowds that people loved this activity, which facilitated public understanding of traditional plum-making techniques and showed that the Plum Festival was enthusiastically welcomed by the public.

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