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Theme Nantou Agricultural Products Marketed to Shandong – First Shipment of Tea Delivered
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    In March, County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen visited China for cross-strait exchanges, and from this trip Nantou County successfully obtained an order of NTD 1 billion-worth of agricultural products. Within merely more than a month, the products have begun to be shipped out; the first batch of NTD 25 million-worth of tea leaves was shelved and loaded to cargo on the 6th in Taichung. County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen, Legislator Ma Wen-Jun, and Executive Secretary Zeng Ming-Rui of Nantou County Farmers’ Association all attended the loading ceremony onsite. Nantou’s agricultural products will continue to be exported to the Chinese market.

    To promote the County’s agricultural products and to attract Chinese tourists, County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen, Legislators Ma Wen-Jun and Xu, Shu-Hua visited China in late March, bringing in orders of agricultural products for Nantou. A formal Letter of Intent was also signed between Nantou County Farmers’ Association and Chinese representatives, and it has already initiated shipments to China.

    During Lin Ming-Chen’s visit to China, cross-strait exchanges flourished with the signing of Letters of Intent that exceeded NTD 1 billion in total, which included Jinan Tea Group’s promise on March 24th to purchase NTD 500 million-worth of agricultural products from Nantou County Farmers’ Association in the next 4 years, and Fujian Qigu Tea Enterprise making purchase of NTD 25 million-worth of tea leaves and agricultural products. On March 25th, the Farmers’ Association and Hangzhou Black Bear Agricultural Company signed a 3-year NTD 250 million Letter of Intent. On the other hand, Hainan Xinbaodao Trading Company of Haikou City also visited Nantou on March 23rd and afterwards signed a Letter of Intent with the Federation of Nantou County Agricultural Cooperatives worth more than NTD 200 million. Nantou’s agricultural products will gradually be marketed throughout China in the near future.

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