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Theme County Government Will Launch Helium Balloon Flight – Offering Unobstructed Mountain View of Beautiful Jiujiu Peak
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-6-17

    The development of Jiujiu Peak has been highly anticipated by Nantou people. During the county administration meeting on the 13th, County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen shared his afterthoughts regarding his attendance at the Second Annual Meeting of Cross-Strait Sister Lakes Industry Collaboration in Liyang City. He pointed out that Jiujiu Peak is a well-known mountain range that sits beautifully in Nantou. But currently the only way to have a birds-eye view of the Peak is through a camera drone. If helium balloons could be set up, at least 15 people could be on aboard at once and rise up to 150m above ground to enjoy the marvelous scenery of nature. Once the balloons are in place, visitors will be able to take the helium balloons and take in a 360-degree view of Jiujiu Peak’s magnificent mountain ranges.

    County Magistrate Lin stated that, Jiujiu Peak will be gradually developed into an integrated park area, where botanical park, camping area, hiking trails, and dinosaur park will be in place. Helium balloons will be made in accordance with international standards of air balloons that are colorless, odorless, and non-flammable. They will not only be eco-friendly, but also safe – ascending and descending will be maneuvered via mechanically-controlled cables. The air balloons will cost approximately NTD 50 million and have a life span of 10 years, and they will surely attract multitudinous tourists to visit Nantou.

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