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Elder cards can be used on the northbound side of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport starting December 1... 2018-12-10
Private firms take an interest in investing in JiuJiu Peaks (99 Peaks). Lin Ming-chen called it “A dawn of construction”... 2018-12-10
The 66th county sports campaign with 13,283 athletes participating. 2 players achieved new records in 2 track and field events.... 2018-12-10
The “Nantou Tea App”: Using technology to enhance sales of agricultural products... 2018-12-10
Participation of 4,000 Runners from 25 Countries in Sun Moon Lake Marathon; Deputy County Magistrate Chen’s Hope for Standard Chartered Marathon... 2018-11-15
Investment Intention Letter Proposed by ShowTime Cinemas in Nantou for “Building a Cinema City at NTD 1 Billion”... 2018-11-15
Exciting Double Tenth Celebration with Energetic Rock Concert... 2018-11-15
Successful Conclusion of Nantou Global Tea Expo with Historically High Record of Number of Visitors and Sales Revenue... 2018-11-15
Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Miaoli county and city leaders meeting held in Miaoli, achieving 47 proposals... 2018-10-17
Tens of Thousands of swimmers overcome difficulties; more than 20,000 swimmers enter the water to take the challenge... 2018-10-17
Lin Ming-chen inspected the quality and progress of the Fu-Xing Farm Hotel Resort Project... 2018-10-17
A push to build an eco-tourism “Starry Sky Town,” the opening of the Qing Jing Milky Way Festival... 2018-10-17
Tea Pick Contest held in Dalun Mountain. Top tea pickers in Taiwan gathered to compete there... 2018-9-7
Nantou County Government endeavors to secure NT$350 million of funds to revive Dongpu Hot Spring... 2018-9-7
County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hosted the groundbreaking ceremonies of the lecture building of Sin Siang Elementary School at Xinyi Township and the quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High Sc... 2018-9-7

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