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   antou is located in the heart of Taiwan. Despite the fact that it has no waves along the coast (inland), its thousand layers of tides from the cloud ocean in the mountains are even more spectacular. Here there are enchanting mountains, flowing clean water, refreshing air in addition to its diverse ethnic cultures. These intensify the beauty of its mountains and forests.

  Nantou is proud of having Taiwan's highest mountain - Yushan, Taiwan's longest river - Zhuoshuixi, Taiwan's biggest lake - Sun Moon Lake, the most snowed on - Hehuan Mountain , the biggest tea production, the biggest ethnic group - Bunun and the people with the deepest humanity. All possess their unique characteristics that are irreplaceable. Whether you are in a faintly discernible bamboo tea plantation or in a plum/cherry garden with fallen petals scattered around the earth or on a lawn of a European style B&B or on a bicycle or train and roaming around leisurely, you can enjoy the four seasons’ beauty. Each is resplendent. It will fulfill your memories profusely, making your trip worthwhile.

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