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Toda Tunnel provides a safe way home for tribal community me... 2017/4/17
County mayor Lin kicks off the fourth stage of the 2017 Tour... 2017/4/17
Fiery Dragon Show Electrifies Audiences at the 2017 Nantou L... 2017/3/14
Chinese New Year Prayer with Blessings from the Earth God an... 2017/3/14
Innovative Information Applied in Nantou County Ranks No. 1 ... 2017/2/13
Winter Love Donation Event to show you care: 527 households ... 2017/2/13
Taichung, Changhua, Nantou and Miaoli Regional Governance Pl... 2017/1/19
Awarded with 11 Gold Medals in the National Language Coontes... 2017/1/19
2016 Nantou Hot Spring Seasonal Event Officially Starts; Fir... 2016/12/27
Build Partnerships for Tourism; Grand Opening Held in Taipei... 2016/12/27
Nantou Global Tea Expo Attracts 0.4 Million Visitors with So... 2016/11/16
Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No. 6 Opened to Tra... 2016/11/16
3,000 Candidates Challenge Wuling: Chi-Hung Li Wins the Cham... 2016/10/17
Thousands of People Swim across the Sun Moon Lake; County Ma... 2016/10/17
Meeting of Heads of 4 Counties Held in Nantou to Promote Uni... 2016/9/19
Global Indigenous Peoples Performing Arts Festival Kicks Off... 2016/9/19
All Baristas in Taiwan Gather in the Sun Moon Lake Coffee Re... 2016/8/15
The County Government Activates the Farming Service Team to ... 2016/8/15
Activation of New Building for Panshan Police Station County... 2016/8/15
Nantou County Dragon Boat Tournament Championship between th... 2016/8/15
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