Theme The 9th Twin-Lake Forum opened grandly at Nan Kai University of Technology
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/9

    “2017 Sun Moon Lake VS West Lake – The 9th Twin-Lake Forum” began at Nan Kai University of Technology. The opening ceremony was hosted by Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen and Deputy Magistrate Chen, Cheng-Sheng of Nantou County and Deputy Mayor Chen, Xin-Hua of Hangzhou City. In this forum, exchanges were conducted on 5 major areas: creative cultural business, culture and arts, education, hygiene, and tourism and homestay business. Many conclusions were reached, promoting the exchange and development of Nantou and Hangzhou significantly. The results had been fruitful.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that there have been two thirds fewer visitors than those in the past. As a result, the income in tourism, sightseeing, and farm produce have decreasing significantly. It is hoped that through continuous exchange between the Strait, visitors will flock into Nantou. Deputy Magistrate Chen pointed out that the Twin-Lake Forum is not only an important exchange platform between Nantou and Hangzhou, but also an exemplar of exchanges among people. The consensus reached in this forum will be a valuable reference for future administrations of county government.

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