Theme County Mayor Lin visits the green field site of the Science Gallery and Karate Hall at Shiuhkuang Senior High School
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/9/18

    County Mayor Lin, Ming-chen visited Shiukuang Senior High School and inspected the green field sites of the Science Gallery and Karate Hall on August 4. In addition to hearing the school’s briefing on the progress of construction and the planning of the Karate Hall’s green field site, he also inspected the Science Gallery building that was about to be completed. He hoped it would help transform the school into an ideal place for science education and athletics in Nantou County.

    At present, the Ministry of Education promised to subsidize NT$5.6 million for the purchase of equipment in the astronomy classroom and classrooms for special subjects. As to the budget for the observatory on the roof and the dome theater, County Mayor Lin instructed the Department of Education and the school to secure it with more positive action. Other than the construction of hardware, he hoped the software installation in the building could be completed at one go in order to make the science gallery perfect inside and outside.

    Named the “Ark of Science and Technology,” the science gallery of Shiukuang Senior High School is a 5 ½-story building. The 1F hall will be a self-study room for students; 2F, conference space; 3F & 4F, 4 themed classrooms; 5F, the astronomy classroom and observatory. This hall has become the locus of scientific development in Nantou County. With a total budget of NT$88.88 million, the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education has subsidized 62.04 million, the self-raised fund of the county government 26.6 million, and the parents’ association 24 thousand. It was completed in June this year.

    The site the Karate Hall occupies an area of 3,992m2, with a floor area of 962m2. The first floor is built with a high-ceiling design. It includes a weight training room, equipment room, contest hall, medical room, and athlete lounge. The total expenditure is about NT$40 million, including NT$8 million of self-raised funds.

    County Mayor Lin expressed that the karate team of Shiuhkuang Senior High School has performed brilliantly in national contests, winning the championship in the men’s and women’s teams in both junior and senior high school sections. It has also trained 7 President Educational Award athletes. Therefore, Nantou County Government began to plan to build a karate hall in 2011. It has actively requested funds from the Ministry of Education since then. When the new gym is completed, it will become the base for the training of top athletes. As a result, Nantou will perform outstandingly in the promotion of sports.

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