Profile of Nantou County

Location: The county center is situated at 120.25 degrees east longitude and
23.5230 degrees north latitude inside Jiadaokeng, Yuchih Township.
Total Population: 517,222 people (up to the end of December, 2012)
Total Area: 4,106.4360 KM2 with a width of 72 KM and a length of 95 KM. It is the
second largest county in Taiwan.
Language: Mandarin is the official language; Taiwanese, Hakka, English and
dialects of aborigines are also spoken.
Administrative Division: 1 county governed city, 13 townships
Annual Average Temperature: 23℃ on level ground & 20℃ in mountains
Annual Average Rainfall: Less than 1,750 mm on level ground, 2,800 mm in the mountains.
The rainy season lasts from April to September, While the dry season runs from October through March.

UPDATE: 2015/1/7 (Nantou County Government)
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