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Information Form
Name Date Revised Date File
9-8Health Services of Aboriginal Areas  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-7Sanitary Inspection of Specific Business Establishments by Times of Inspection  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-6Ten Leading Causes of Death  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-5Number of Pharmaceutical Firms  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-4Number of Cases and Deaths of Notifiable Diseases  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-3Protective Inoculation  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-2 Numder of Public and Private Hospitals, Clinics and Beds.xls  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
9-1Number of Registered Medical Personnel in Public and Private Hospitals, and Other Medical Care Institutions  2007/3/26   2010/10/6  download
Total Counts: 8