Can farm buildings on the agricultural and preservation areas in urban planning apply for establishment of home-stay facilities? 

Articles 27 and 29 of the Enforcement Rules of the Urban Planning Act in the Province of Taiwan” specify that farm buildings to be built on the preservation or agricultural areas refer to the primary residential buildings used by farmers in agricultural production activities. Article 3 and Item 1, Article 10 of the Regulations for the Management of Home-Stay Facilities also establish that a home-stay facility is where a vacant primary residential room combines local humane, natural landscapes, ecological and environmental resources, and agricultural, forestry, fish culture, and animal husbandry production activities and is run as a family side-line business and provided for tourists to enjoy lifein the countryside. The buildings are to be used as housing only. Based on these, there should be no controversy involved in the establishment of home-stay facilities on the preservation and agricultural areas in urban planning. However, only leisure ranches on aboriginal reserves, with a Business License from or assigned by agricultural competent authorities and farm buildings in tourist spots, remote areas and offshore islands can apply for home-stay facilities registration.

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